Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Why? What for?

So - Post 1: - what to write? I'm here to pick up my blogging once again... - why??

I'm at an age where I find myself all too easily dragged down by the drudgery of everyday life and the lack of enjoyment in my current business venture(s): desperate to find some advice on how to 'bring back the happy' Ive been reading various 'self help' and 'self-improvement' articles and various of them have said how therapeutic and 'happy-inducing' writing can make a person... so I thought "I'll give it a go".... why not pick up my blogging again??

So here I am - Nothing really to say in this first post other than to set out what I hope to chat about and achieve as result of this 'enterprise': -

  • I'm a particularly shallow man and I find enjoyment in various material items and pastimes:-

    • Wristwatches - I have a passion for wristwatches: I spend far too much on them and own a shameful number (well into double figures) so my enthusiasm for this little obsession will almost certainly feature in future posts
    • Menswear - as a man of a certain age working in a particular profession, I am keen to ensure my self-presentation is of the correct standard without being too 'stuffy' or looking like I'm trying too hard. Quality, age-appropriate clothing is an interest of mine so, no doubt, opinions and views on this subject are bound to feature
    • Music - I listen to and make music: always have and always will .. so no apologies for blogging about matters musical in the future
    • Cars - I'm not an out and out petrol-head but I do like a nice car. Ive had the pleasure to own some stunning cars in the past (ranging from hot-hatches to Aston-Martin supercars) and hope to do so in the future. Cars will definitely be an element of future posts
    • Sport - I'M A BLOKE!!!! all sports - playing and watching - captivate me. Yes - sport will be blogged about(!)

So, there you have it - why I'm here doing this and what to expect in the future.

Stick with me dear reader.... -  hopefully it will be fun and entertaining.

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