Thursday, 16 April 2015


So, when I started this blog, one thing I promised myself is that I wouldn't be political (never discuss religion or politics in mixed company, right?). That said, it would be remiss of me NOT to acknowledge the fact the we here in the UK have a General Election looming in a few weeks (for those of you not from the UK that's when we elect our Government for the next 5 years).

While I would not presume to tell anyone HOW they should vote, I would urge all of you who are elgigible to vote to do so. In my opinion a 'no-vote' is not a protest - it is a waste of a consitutional right that people died in the process of ensuring that everyone over 18 is entitled to.

Also please do everything you can to ensure you are as fully informed as you can be before casting your vote: read all the Party manifesto's, read all the facts from the last 5 years (and more) that make up the basis for some of the claims and policies contained in the manifesto's (don't forget the recent economic crisis was a Global phenomenon and not necessarily the fault of the incumbent UK government of the period) and consider all this information before putting your cross on the ballot paper.

Here endeth the sermon - Politics will never again feature or influence future posts.

Thank you.